EU funded projects in BiH




Civil society projects

Less corruption more jobs2008 €94,5002011
Support to NGOs active in the fight against corruption2008 €113,4002011
Opportunities and challenges of public participation and cooperation2008 €84,4692010
Increasing employment trough the creation environmental jobs and the biodiversit y conversation2008 €45,2062010
The right of BiH citizent to healthy environment2008 €57,5162011
Reducing of plastic bags usage in BiH2008 €97,6732010
Partnership for higher environmental standards in BiH2008 €99,8852010
Responsible Management of medical waste2008 €97,0442011
Support to environmental NGOs2008 €79,5142010
The Jala River as a case study towards sustainable development2008 €92,0342010
NGO''s and Medical Waste Management2008 €97,1212011
Towards a good status of Drina river water2008 €94,3712010
Protection of Sator lake and Ledenica cave2008 €77,7972010
SAVA Navigo - Development of Nautical tourism on the Sava River and promotion o f the Posavina region2007 €56,4572011
Responsible Journalism''s Watsching Eye: Anti-corruption and the Media2009 €102,9232011
Monitoring corruption and protecting integrity2009 €165,7702011
Empowering Civil Society2009 €176,0492011
Volunteering for Cross - Border Local Community Development2007 €43,7212011
Civil society in action for dialogue and partnership2009 €271,2362011
'''Legal Anti-Corruption Network LACON BaH''''2009 €265,3462011
'''Institutional Dialogue between Youth and Governmental authorities through th e Establishment of Youth Councils''''2009 €268,5132011
LED NET Initiative2009 €189,1592011
NET - Networking, Education, Teaching the Chamber-network in BIH2009 €197,3682011
Stronger voice for children2009 €228,1982011
Together against torture in BiH - Network2009 €252,4352011
'''Establishment of Resource Centre for NGOs youth network in the Brcko Distric t''''2009 €197,6942011
Cross Border Volunteers network for local development2009 €38,3712012
Coalition of higher voice of small busniesses2012 €220,3802012
Educating civil society and government institutions in Brcko District, BiH to fi ght against corruption2012 €80,9632012
Centre for lifelong learning2012 €220,1282012
CDD Network towards inclusive LCC''s2012 €224,4882012
Improvement of the research instruments in he security and judicial domains2012 €83,8152012
Establishment of the Business Resource Center of youth network NGOs of Brcko Dis trict B&H2012 €205,6312012
Public Health De-Corruption2012 €83,0122012
Monitoring of implementation of youth policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina2012 €217,5302012
Contribution of Civil Society Organisations in Improvement of Position of People with Rare Diseases in Bosnia and Herzegovina2012 €157,7342012
Children''s role for a strong civil society2012 €92,7142013
WEB - We Enforce Business2012 €200,9402013
Environmenr Friendly Energy Coalition Team2012 €231,4212013
Alliance for Common Rural Development in BiH2012 €239,8862012
Voice of Children2012 €212,7092012
Contribution of organization of civil society for strengthening partnership dial ogue and cooperation of governmental and non-governmental sector in the system o f public health2012 €148,3802012
AGRIDEVPLUS Agricultural Development Plus2012 €233,7352013
Support to implementation of LEAP in Zenica and Tuzla municipalities2012 €486,3532013
Strengthening integrity and good governance for better implementation of the Ant i-Corruption Strategy from local to national level2010 €144,6672013
Mapping corruption risks in the security sector2010 €143,6222013
Curriculum for transparency, curriculum for accountability2010 €434,7252014
Open Public Procurement2010 €381,8892013